• Our humble


    The Cebu People's Multipurpose Cooperative (CPMPC) was organized in December 1972 through the efforts of VICTO National. This followed a successful experience in cooperative organizing at Hinundayan in Southern Leyte, an East Visayas province of the Philippines. It was then called the People's Credit Cooperative Inc. (PPCI)

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  • Organizational


    Over the years, the leadership structure of Cebu Peoples Multipurpose Cooperative has evolved into a form that allows easy succession and preparation of next-in-line successors. This is a structure that also provides a feedback mechanism that ensures direct connection to the lowest rung. Thus, facilitating information dissemination and gathering of responses.

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  • Entreprenuer


    "Think Big, Dream Big" because "libre ang mangarap". But with Cebu People's Coop, it is "Dream come True". This is the theme of the B-O-T MyStore Program. Cebu People's Coop envisions that its enterprising members shall one day graduate from owning a Sari-sari store today, into an owner of a supermarket.

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  • Livelihood


    To strengthen community resilience to conflict by improving the socio-economic capacity of its members. It eill develop the personal, social and entreprenuerial and technical skills potentially entreprising individual within the community.

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CEO Corner

Our theme for this year assembly,“POISED TO LEAD IN THE BUSINESS OF REALIZING D.R.E.A.M.S.” translated as Cebu People’s Coop continues to serve our members need, by providing equal opportunity in availing both financial and social services that we offer. We tried to keep it simple and easily accessible. However, trustworthiness, sustainability and economic viability of our cooperative to which the hard earned money of our members are entrusted to us must be provided a safety net through prudent management and strong internal control.

The members-in-good-standing who feel that they are part of the cooperative, that has goals in harmony, competent governing bodies and management would be a powerful force to build cooperative identity and excellence. Defining or delineating roles and functions is very critical to be observed.

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CPMPC Empowers the Youth

Believing that the youth's participation is crucial in future undertakings, the Cebu Peoples Multi-purpose Cooperative (CPMPC) has created a youth laboratory composed of kiddie saver members who are expected to become empowered future leaders of the cooperative.

The pioneering group has about 35 members who underwent orientations and seminars about CPMPC, they also had a learning visit in Baguio and Vigan late last year to broaden their knowledge on social and community development. This same group is expected to promote the cooperative's College Education Scholarship Program (CESP), which is among the core programs of CPMPC in uplifting the lives of its members by providing them with educational financial assistance.

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What We Can Offer:

A group of socially conscious individuals, coming from all walks of life, respecting and working together regardless of their backgrounds, styles, genders, beliefs, and ideas, committed to uplift the economic and social status of its members.

Upcoming Events:

    Sep 28,2015

    SILOMCO Partnership 2nd Year Anniversary

    Sep 26,2015

    Intercolor Sportsfest

    Basketball 1st game – GOLD YELLOW VS. PINK
    Basketball 2nd game – GREEN VS. WHITE
    Volleyball 3rd game – VIOLET VS. BLUE
    San Nicolas Parish Gym | 1:20 PM

    Sep 19,2015

    Intercolor Sportsfest

    Basketball 1st game – VIOLET VS. WHITE
    Basketball 2nd game – BLUE VS. RED
    Volleyball 3rd game – ORANGE VS. WHITE
    San Nicolas Parish Gym | 1:20 PM

    Sep 12,2015

    Intercolor Sportsfest

    Basketball 1st game – ORANGE VS. GREEN Basketball
    2nd game – PINK VS. REDVolleyball 3rd game – GREEN VS. BLUE San Nicolas Parish Gym | 1:20 PM

    Sep 03,2015

    Bantayan Branch 9th year Anniversary

    Aug 28,2015


    Aug 22,2015


    Will be held in San Nicholas Gym, Pasil

    Aug 16,2015


    COOPERATIVE OF THE YEAR (VISAYAS) Cebu People’s Multi-Purpose Cooperative as one of the Nominees.

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"I wanted to personally thank you and your company for your customer service and I appreciated how you worked with me in bringing my Dreams into life. Thanks again for everything."

John Ciocon

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Therese C

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