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Our Story

The Cebu People's Multipurpose Cooperative (CPMPC) was organized in December 1972 through the efforts of VICTO National. This followed a successful experience in cooperative organizing at Hinundayan in Southern Leyte, an East Visayas province of the Philippines. It was then called the People's Credit Cooperative Inc. (PPCI)

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Mission & Vision

VISION: THE ONLY BANKING ALTERNATIVE of every Filipino household for sustainable growth and development.
MISSION: "We provide easy access to competitive: Financial services, Appropriate technology and Resources that satisfy the needs of the Members, employees and community."

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Organizational Structure

Over the years, the leadership structure of Cebu Peoples Multipurpose Cooperative has evolved into a form that allows easy succession and preparation of next-in-line successors.
This is a structure that also provides a feedback mechanism that ensures direct connection to the lowest rung. Thus, facilitating information dissemination and gathering of responses.

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